We have made the choice to use an omni-degradable bag* for our coffee. Both the 1lb and 5lb bags will compost in an anaerobic environment in the presence of microbes. What does this mean? The bags biodegrade when they are an environment absence of oxygen and where there are microorganisms that will break down the bags, zip, valve, labels, and all. 

However, they are 100% shelf stable in the presence of oxygen!

These anaerobic environments exist in more places than you might think! Your home compost, a landfill, an industrial composting facility, a swamp, rivers, lakes, or the ocean are all examples of where this bag will break down. The breakdown timing will depend on exactly what is going on in the specific environment, however under independent lab tests, they found that the bags decomposed to Digestate and biogas in about 13 months. 


What happens to the bag when it's decomposed?

Biodigestion or anaerobic digestion is a biological process that occurs when organic matter is decomposed by bacteria in the absence of oxygen (i.e., anaerobic). As the bacteria decompose the organic matter, biogas is released and captured. Biogas consists of approximately 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide. The remaining byproduct is called Digestate and is low in odor and rich in nutrients.

Essentially dirt.

See www.tekpaksolutions.com for more info.

*Except in the state of California.


Bags with coffee beans